Cork Board Project

10 Easy DIY Cool Cork Board Project Ideas

If you want to do some creative project with a cork board, maybe you want some DIY cool cork board ideas for your inspiration. You have come to the right place because on this page we’d like to provide you with 10 creative ideas to ignite your outstanding creativity.

We make sure that the concept of the cork board ideas in this page would never regret you. It would be simply made of a budget-friendly material that you can easily find nearby. A corkboard is the other term of a bulletin board. It’s one of the most functional elements that you have in your house or office.

It’s one of the office utilities that’s also useful for home. The cork board would allow you to organize and keep all the thoughts of yours in one place. You can stick or pin up the grocery lists, your kid’s schedule, to-do list, reminders, and etc.

It won’t be interesting if the Bulletin board is just a boring plain white board. Well, by reading this page, you are chosen to be the one that makes an interesting bulletin board or cork board for your house. It’s not just gonna be a cork board, it will be the source of attention in the room.

1. Easy DIY Cork Trivet

The cork board with a black frame and white surface is just out of date. You need to refresh things up to get the corkboard in your working area looks fresh and updated. As you can see, this working area looks very interesting with the cork. It’s really far away from boredom. You could stick everything up on the fabric surface of this cork.

Cork Board Project

The color and pattern make this cork trivet more and more stunning. The color arrangement is also quite important. You can set it randomly just like the photo, or you can set it neatly by the color.

2. Multifunction DIY Cork Board

Instead of having six circles as the cork board, why don’t you have just one big circled board to be the only board to use. It may be one of the cheapest DIY cool cork board in this list. You can hang this corkboard on your dorm room wall.

The good thing about this cork board is that this piece is multi-functioned. On one side, you use this board as a versatile bulletin board or cork board. On the other side, you’ll find a mirror. That’s very thoughtful, right?

3. World Map Themed DIY Cork Board

For all travelers, this is the perfect idea for you to hang on your wall. The world map image on the wall is a typical traveler style of decoration. It would be a great idea to have a world map image as the background of the cork board.

This DIY cool cork board would definitely make your room to be so interesting. It would catch the attention of any traveler. You can find the map templates online to print out as the background. I suggest choosing the colorful one.

4. DIY Cork Board With Colorful Pattern

This colorful cork board would easily become the attention stealer of the room. You can reach it by creating the contrast between the pattern and colors on one board. So, you personally can give more attention to the board where you put all of your tasks and schedules.

5. Fabric-Covered DIY Cork Board

Cork Board Project

This impressive DIY fabric-covered board would easily become an outstanding decoration for your house. The design, pattern of the fabric, and other additions have turned the cork board into an exciting place to stick and pin up your notes.

I guess, covering the board with fabric can be the quickest, cheapest, easiest method to make it beautiful. You can match it with the room where you place this board.

6. DIY Cork Board Made Of Wine Cork

It uses the same material but with a different form and shape. You just need any simple frame you have and fill it up with the wine corks you’ve got from every celebration or event that include poping the wine bottle.

In order to avoid a boring look of the original cork color, you can add some color accents to turn the whole craft to be more decorative. There are some other types of cork you might want to know:

  • Agglomerate Cork
  • Champagne Cork
  • Regular Cork
  • Synthetic Cork
  • Screw Cap
  • Vino-Lok
  • Zork
Cork Board Project

7. Geometrical DIY Cool Cork Board

Playing with a geometrical shape is not impossible for a cork board because it’s flexible to any kinds of shape. In this cork design ideas, the shape and color are working together. With the right color placement, the shape would look even more fantastic. You could imagine if this geometric cork board is painted plain. It won’t be as interesting as this one.

8. A DIY Cool Cork Board in A Form of Calendar

If you have enough space on your wall, you could hang this large cork board. You already know the reason that it has the biggest size of cork board in this list. It comes with a form of a calendar. If you are a very busy person, using this cork board is highly recommended because you can pin up your tasks, schedule, and everything on the board freely.

You could even put your stuff each day in detail. You don’t have to be afraid of wasting a lot of space because the space is pretty large.

9. The Largest DIY Cork Board

I was wrong, this is definitely the largest one on the list. A cork material covers the whole wall. You could freely put everything you need on the cork wall without even worried about the space. But, you might face an issue about the arrangement.

10. Gold-Painted Strips on Cork Board

If you only have the ability to make a simple basic design of a cork board with a white frame, that’s all right because you can refresh things up with paint. One nice color to apply on the cork is gold. You don’t need to be skillful or artistic to apply this paint, just get them stripped. It would create its own simple and majestic charm of a decorative cork board.

Maybe, you don’t get the whole thing about cork in this page. But the whole 10 DIY cool cork board project ideas here use a cork as its main material.

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