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The pound (lb.) and kilogram (kg) are both units of measuring the mass of an object. So, how do you convert pounds to kg? Well the scientific community establishes that 1 kilogram is equal to 2.20462262185 of a pound or alternatively 1 pound is similar to 0.453592 of a kilogram.

A Short History Of The Pound And Kilogram


Pound unit of measurement is popular in the USA, Canada, and the UK. Pound is now popular internationally but kilogram is still common in many Asian countries. If you talk about pounds in measuring weight in these countries, you’ll have to convert them into kilograms to make them understand.

By the permission of Commonwealth of Nations, the pound was adopted and allowed as a metric system in 1958, and in 1963 it was accepted in the UK.They primarily use the kilogram to measure weight. Later on, it was widely used by other countries as a unit of measurement. There are 16 ounces in 1 pound.

Kilogram (kg) is very popular and it is used to measure our own weight or other objects. The standard measurement is grams (g) with the smallest unit being milligrams (mg). It has been in use before since the pound. This stresses the need to convert from lb. to kg. Now, I should remind you that 1000 gram equals 1 kg.

Luckily these days, scales are double marked, with capabilities of measuring in both pounds and kilograms.

Conversion Formulas


In dealing with measurements, four mathematical operations are applied. These are the basic mathematical functions addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. However, the conversion of pounds to kilograms requires the use of division and kilograms to pounds requires the use of multiplication.

Schools have introduced conversion charts to teach students on how to convert weights. Also, the school curriculum includes a topic on measurement in math and sciences. This enables students to memorize the formula for converting these two units interchangeably. This is the standard conversion formula:

  • lb = Kg. x 2.2 or
  • Kg.= lb./2.2​

Another formula, that you may like and it's fast:

Example Question: how many kgs are in 32lb?

Solution: divide the 32 by 2, making it 16. Then take 10% of the 16 resulting to 1.6. Subtract this value from 1616-1.6=14.4 kg. This is the converted value of 32 lb. It is prudent to remember these formulas or methods.​

Online Conversion


There are many ways to convert lb. to kg, in addition to the basic method of conversion. The internet has various types of converters from different sites. The search engine Google also provides direct conversions in just a click.

Conversion Apps


There is another way what you can easily and you do not need to use the internet. Since many individuals have access to a smartphone of different platforms like Android and iOS. From those apps stores, you can download the various converter apps. The applications are either free or premium. Download the application best suited for you. You can carry the application in your device and put the lb. and select kg, press to convert button. You will get the result of kg shortly. It is just a matter few simple steps to convert from lb. to kg.

Weight And Fitness Programs


To measure the mass of objects, we use Pound or Kilogram. The fundamental quantity 'mass' is applicable everywhere, from grocery shopping to industrial construction. For example, when you decide to get into a fitness program that involves gaining weight, you will be required to state your current weight. The trainer will then proceed to measure your current body weight. Thereafter you can know your body weight either in kg and lb. Depending on the scale, you can still convert for easier understanding.

Hospital Use Of Weight Measurement


In any hospital, after a baby’s birth, it is standard procedure to measure the baby's weight. The weight is in both measurements - lb. and kg, but the lb. is common in specific regions. If a baby is underweight, it needs more special care and treatment, until it is optimal. In Asia, people acknowledge more weight as a good sign.

I trust you enjoyed reading this article. Feel free to share your thoughts on the pound and kilogram system of measurement. Also, share the article among your mates!

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