5 Ways To Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

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Ways to Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

Contrary to what most people might believe, creativity is not an esoteric discipline. While the occasional great idea might seemingly come out of the ether, most works of art and innovative ideas are a result of following a process.

Even so, the most motivated individuals sometimes hit a mental roadblock. If you're stuck with a blank page, or simply can't think of any ideas to solve a problem, you can use the following tips to kickstart your creativity.


Conduct A Brain Vomit

Conduct A Brain Vomit

The term 'brain vomit' might sound crude, but it is the basis of some of the greatest ideas of our time. A lot of us impede our own productivity by constantly criticizing and censoring our ideas. The brain vomit fixes this problem.

The concept is simple. Find a secluded place, and sit down with a piece of paper and a pen. At the top of the page, write down the problem or idea you are working on. Then, for the next few minutes, just write down whatever comes to your mind. Don't stop to think about the validity of a particular thought or opinion. Just let your thoughts flow onto the paper.

After you are done, you will be surprised to see that there are nuggets of usable information on the paper. A lot of what you wrote might be unusable, but you will definitely find a thread or a concept that you can begin working on.



Read, Research And Imitate

Read, Research And Imitate

If you can't find a source of inspiration, read a biography or listen to an interview conducted with the greatest thinkers and innovators of our time. The lives of geniuses like Steve Jobs, Stephen King, Bob Dylan and others have been extensively documented.

Reading about their thought process or daily routines can give you some ideas about what you could do differently. You don't have to copy their exact processes, but you can work bits and pieces of their craft into your own routine.


Spend Some Time Alone With Your Thoughts

Spend Some Time Alone With Your Thoughts

Protein is the building block of muscle. A lack oToo many of us walk around constantly being inundated by information throughout the day. Emails, smartphones, televisions and other distractions follow us around wherever we go.

The modern lifestyle can often get in the way of creative thinking. Every single day, find a place for yourself, away from your phone and anything else that might distract you, and just enjoy the silence.

Meditation is a great tool for eliminating brain clutter. Even ten minutes of daily meditation can greatly enhance your thought process and the clarity of your ideas. Keep a notepad handy to jot down any ideas that may arise during these sessions of solitude.f high-quality protein leads to a negative nitrogen balance in the body, decreased muscle growth and catabolism (muscle breakdown). Insufficient protein can also lead to increased soreness and muscle cramping.


Indulge Yourself In Different Activities

Indulge Yourself In Different Activities

Our brains are complex machines. If you're stuck at some juncture in your project or writing, go outside and do other things. Allow yourself to forget about work for a brief period of time each day and work on your hobbies or just meeting your friends. Exercise has also been proven to improve creativity and brain function.

When you are involved in activities like lifting weights or learning languages, different parts of your brain are activated. Sometimes, epiphanies will come to you while you are doing something completely unrelated. Adopt a diverse set of interests to give yourself a chance to have more Eureka moments.




Traveling is one of the greatest tools in a creative thinker's toolset. Getting yourself out of a familiar environment and visiting a new city or a country broadens your perspective immensely. Experiencing different cultures, trying different cuisines and making friends in different parts of the world is extremely nourishing for your body and mind.

You will see things in a new light when you've travelled to different places. Even if you don't have the money or the time to travel right now, just reading up on different places or watching some documentaries about a foreign culture can reignite your creative flame.

Creativity is a skill that all of us can develop if we keep working at it. Don't be disheartened if you are drawing a blank right now. Just use the tips mentioned above and you'll have an avalanche of great ideas in no time.


Jake Tyler

Jake Tyler

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