Gentle Exercises At Home For The Hefty

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If you're significantly overweight, moving around will be difficult, but don't give up! Regular, gentle exercise is vital to your health and well being. Your heart, lungs, muscles and frame will need strengthening exercises to cope with their extra burden, and the blood flow will need regular stimulation and freeing-up. Besides, physical exercise plays a crucial role in slimming. If you're already taking frequent light exercise, that's fantastic -- all you need do now is build it up. If not, start with these simple routines in the privacy of your home.

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Exercise Before Getting Up

Before getting out of bed in the morning, wiggle your toes, clenching your feet as if they were fists. Now swivel your ankles, swinging your feet from side to side like windscreen wipers. Next, raise one leg off the bed, from foot to thigh, and repeat with the other leg. If this is too difficult, bend and straighten your knees instead. Do this a few times to feel the spring in your toes and the lightness in your calves. When getting up from the bed, use your hands as little as possible, relying as much as you can on the strength of your body.

Exercise While The Kettle Boils

Preparing drinks and food can involve waiting around while substances heat and cook. Make use of these little pockets of time to limber up. Using the work surface as a support bar, swing one leg to and fro, then turn round and swing the other. Now face the surface and grip it with both hands while you bend your knees and lower yourself, then rise up on tiptoe. Raise your arms as high as you can, bringing them down gradually. Repeat this, clapping your hands above your head, or as high as possible. With hands on hips for balance, lean to the left, then to the right until you feel your outer side pull. If the kettle still hasn't boiled, pace briskly up and down.

Exercise In The Bathroom

When stripped off for a bath or shower, stand on a slip-free mat and stretch up high, then shake your limbs about freely, one at a time. If taking a shower, bend and stretch while the hot, soapy water soothes your back, then stretch up your arms again, wiggling fingers, wrists and shoulders. Feel the water jet's power ease your muscles and joints. If taking a bath, raise and lower alternate knees as if cycling, then push your elbows back and forth as a jogger would. Roll your shoulders around and stretch your neck tall. When climbing out, use as little support as possible, pushing up with your legs and lower body instead. The warm water and steam will relax your muscles, helping you up.

Climb Stairs And Steps

Stair-climbing is excellent exercise. A slow, steady climb, pausing as necessary, will benefit your whole body. If you have no stairs at home, climb on and off a step as many times as you can, maintaining a steady pace. If you have no steps, improvise with a suitable object such as a footstool, rolled-up mat or thick book.

March Round Your Rooms

Whenever you have a few spare minutes, take a brisk walk round the furniture, then round all your rooms, lifting your knees high and swinging your arms like a soldier. Some punchy music would set the pace and make the exercise more fun. Otherwise, why not sing your way round? Keep going until hot and sweaty, to ensure your heart is well exercised. Finish with some waist, shoulder and neck wiggles to ensure you're toned up toe to top.

Do Housework

Perhaps you'd like to get some chores done while exercising. Vacuuming and sweeping would fulfill both aims effectively. Cleaning out the bath or scrubbing the floor would also serve well. Mowing the lawn, cleaning the car or dusting the ceilings are other alternatives, and you'll probably have more ideas of your own.

The more gentle exercise you take, the fitter, healthier and more positive you'll feel. Keep going, gradually building up your exertions, and you'll lose weight, too -- especially if you cut down on snacks as you go. Incidentally, if you think bending and stretching around your rooms sounds a weird procedure, rest assured there are plenty of other proactive people out there doing just the same.

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Jake Tyler

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